Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Into becoming magnetic to women

Into becoming magnetic to women

When i was a kid, i liked playing with magnets a lot, my father bought this new electric engine to use on an old fan, i waited for days when he changed the old one, i took it immediately and ripped off is magnets and used them for ages!!!

I was addicted to magnets, and probably so did you!

When I grow up, I could understand how a magnet works and what physical phenomena were happening in it, but I could never understand neither a woman nor how to make her attracted to me.

Other guys were doing great; I was a nerdy guy who couldn’t figure this women thing at all.

I decided that I needed scientific investigation about it, and indeed, I did it.

I started using my scientific mind to figures out what would make a woman attracted to a man.

I’ve read lots of books and manuals and heard lots of people speaking, finally, I could figure out some things that I could change in my appearance and ways of talking to attract women, here are some of them.
  • The first thing about attracting women is knowing your body well.
Body language rules the world!

This is a saying of mine that I like to tell guys who don’t understand how to have success with women.

Here is how this will work for you too: you need to have a confident body language, a way by which you move and behave with women that is so attractive and magnetic.

Body language is highly important and you only need to know three things about it: stand tall, move elegantly and have a deep strong eye contact.

You don’t need to be tall, rich or handsome, what you need is a good body posture and a good self-confidence.

Here is a great guide on body language secrets:
  • The second thing you need to know about attracting women is that you need to be good looking.
I’ve heard lots of guys saying that women don’t care about looks, well, shame on them!

They’ve never dared approach a woman or the only women they know are ugly desperate ones who will not mind the looks as long as they have a man approaching them.

The looks department is so much important than the other departments in attracting a woman; you need to know this about your looks:

Always dress casually, never dress in too many colors or motifs and stay away from ugly pants!

Women will know how good you are in bed simply by seeing how good you dress and how great your body language is.

These are the two best advices to attracting lots of women and becoming truly and women’s magnet.

The only secret about them is this: use them because no one else does.

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