Thursday, February 2, 2012

Imagination, the key to women

I didn’t know about this: girls are pretty naive.

I know, sounds like a loser by saying this, but I assure you, I’m not a loser with women, in fact I’m a fantastic guy with women.

I get a lot of success and I feel terribly great about this.

Well, here is what happened the other day when I was with this hot chick from a nearby campus:

We were eating pizza and some dr pepper when all of a sudden, I took a bite of my pizza and went to her mouth, she grabbed that bite as if it was covered with honey, eat it in a passionate and sexy way that gave me a b…

I was in heaven and I thank her for doing that.

Look, take risks and use your imagination.

A guy who takes risks, in other words he has a nice pair of balls, and has a great imagination will never fail with a girl.

Let’s say that I did that in a coward, asking permission, fearful, way, she probably would have laughed at my face and would never see me again.

But no, here is what I did, I grabbed a bit of my pizza, looked her right in the eyes and went to her mouth, she was a bit surprised, but she liked my confidence.

By the way, while she was grabbing the pizza bit with her mouth, her juicy lips grabbed a nice part of my fingers, as I told you; this got a nice biological reaction in me.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A nasty habit

I’m sure that you’ve passed thought this habit many times in your life.

No, I’m not talking about smoking or drugs; I’m talking about the habit of masturbation.

Hahah, some nasty stuff.

I’m guilty too, so, no need to laugh at this idea or worse, condemn yourself.

What I’ve found out in my adult life is this:

The most I masturbated, the more I was alone.

When I stopped for only three or five days, I’d find myself going out, approaching women and getting a lot of phone numbers!!

Masturbation will stop you from going out; this is what I’ve found over and over.

It will act as a pain killer, you would think you are horny and alone, this is a good drive to go out and meet women, however, when you masturbate, you will lose all interest on the subject, and you will only feel a psychological pain.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Do you take a supplement?

Do you take a supplement?

This post is all about foods and supplements to take to attract women more.

Don’t you dare think it’s science fiction, it’s a real science now.

Can you imagine that many scientists are now busy in their laboratories trying to find a magic substance or substances that would make women attracted to men easily?

It’s true, just read this article:

Dude, that’s the MIT there, not an unknown university in kirlandistan (this country does not excite, don’t Google it)!

It’s a very serious subject, and to my knowledge, there are at least four main pharmaceutical laboratories that are trying to come up with such a thing.

My question is do you take a supplement? Not if you take this kind of supplement?

So, what supplement do you take?

This is an important question because according to another finding, the look on your face can be very determining in how a woman would like you or feel attraction towards you.

Here is what I think of this: if you look yellowish and very pale, fewer women would find interest in you.

This reminds me of the Proboscis Monkey, , it’s a fascinating animal in that when it’s ill or has headache ;-), its nose will turn pale and all the sexy females around it will know that it’s got something wrong with him and guess what, it won’t get any!

I think that this is the same with us humans, whenever I am ill, I’ll see very few women looking at me or even if I’ll go talk to a woman, she would usually be very cold.

However, when I feel great and I’ve just had a great night with my girl, a lot of women will look at me in a quite desiring way.

Many friends have told me about this too and how they seem to be more interesting when they’ve just got out of the gym or when they’ve just made love to their wives!

My advice is start taking care of your body and health to really attract women, I mean biologically, because you may be a great personality, funny guy and very good hearted, but your face and biology would fail you with women.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nasty B

I’m dating a great girls these last months and to tell you the truth, I’m relay thinking that it must be her!

I don’t feel highly in love with her, I just like being around her and making out with her.

She is nice, caring, forgiving (god knows how many times I teased her and hit her on the head) and most of all, she is sincere.

I think that you all should look for these traits in women you want to date.

And I must say that the most important one is the forgiveness trait.

We guys tend to be quite upsetting and retarded in our way of dealing with people; we’ll forget stuff, say mean stuff sometimes and even criticize the wrong person, the wrong time, the wrong way…

If you are dating a nasty lady, she will punish you for everything you tell her and did to her and more importantly, she will be as hard as a frozen shit when you want to make peace with her.

I like to test women for this trait by doing this: I’d make a bogus fight with her, just a small one, and I won’t call her.

If she calls first and asks about how I am and seems quite nice and fun, I’d know she is a kind woman, however, if she calls angry and as if punishing me, I’d know I’ve stumbled upon a nasty bitch.

And if she doesn’t call at all, I’ll call her and ask her for forgiveness while crying and holding a 200$ teddy bear in my hand!

I hope you got this joke, if not, please stop reading this post and go directly to the big juicy articles and read them first, then come back here after a year or two.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A little story

I was out the other Thursday with some friends at a restaurant and this big very handsome guy come along with his apparently girlfriend.

I mean that guy was dead gorgeous!

I assure you, I’m not gay, but this dude was built like a Greek statue, tall, dark haired, muscle everywhere, white teeth, bug hands…

He was very good looking.

Even my male friends told me he was stunning.

We eat our food and had fun, meanwhile, our gorgeous friend was not so gorgeous after all, when he started talking to that woman, he said insane things laughed very hard at his stupid jokes and to add more, he spoke too much about his physique and body.

The woman was terribly pissed at him, she couldn’t look him in the eyes and kept looking at a friend of mine facing her.

My friend winked at her, she looked away and when she turned back she found him still looking, he made a sign that she was with a jackass, she smiled.

She went to the bathroom; he followed her, took her phone number and returned.

Our Greek statue was what it is a statue; he didn’t suspect a damn thing.

I told my friend that stealing another man’s wife is bad.

He said that she wasn’t his wife and she was the one to approach him when he went to the bathroom.

What the morale of this story?

I don’t know, maybe it: don’t rely on looks too much; get yourself a nice personality too.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what the f!!!!

Some few days ago, i received an email from a man, apparently of middle age, asking me about a difficulty he’s been having.

Here is his problem:

His girlfriend dumped him and he wants her badly.

He was asking about a definite trick to get her back!

No, relax, this is not a spammy subject or an introduction to a miraculous product, this is a “how-to-guide” to unfuck your life from this bullshit!

There is a method to get her back and it’s this:

Grow some balls!

I’m sorry to say that it’s the only method available to be of interest to her again.

If you relay on anything else, you will seem one thing to her: desperate.

That’s the only advice I can give you, so sorry if you were relaying on some magic trick or some black voodoo shit.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

affirmations to give you courage approaching any woman

Three affirmations to give you courage approaching any woman

How can you grow your confidence with women? have more self-esteem and feel great about yourself.

A new drug??

No way, if a pharmaceutical company could make such a drug, it would be making billions each month because everyone in the world would be taking it.

It’s not a drug? What is it then?

You’ve probably guess it already; it’s a set of affirmation I’ve used numerous times on myself that will get you all these positive results in your life.

Do you know what affirmations are in the first place?

If not, let me give you this brief little explanation:

Affirmations are little phrases you repeat to yourself to make yourself gain a new habit or belief.

This is a very brief explanation and the only one you will probably need to read.

So, how can a simple phrase repeated over and over every day get you such amazing results?

The secret lies in the word imagination.

Imagination is an amazing capability that is probably only possessed by humans; other animals don’t seem to have it.

You use your imagination every day for a multitude of things and probably to a lot of negative things like negative self-talk and worrying.

This is why you must know about these little three affirmations; they will replace your negative imaginations with something more productive and very useful to you.

Here is the first affirmation: Things work for me in life.

This one affirmation will set your mind to work towards solving your everyday problems and getting you the results.

Have you ever have had this happen to you: you were trying to think of solving a problem for a long time, with no solution, after some hours or a nap, you’ve got the solution in a flash and you are pretty astonished about its quality and effectiveness.

This is the same with this affirmation, by repeating it every day; you will get your mind working all the time to solving your most complex matters.

The second affirmation is: I am confident with women

This one is pretty self-explanatory, when you repeat this one over and over, your mind will first denies it and struggles to believe it, but when you associate this affirmation with strong imagination and emotions, after only some few weeks, you are going to see amazing results happening with women.

You will notice yourself going to women who are strangers and asking them out, you will seem unstoppable with all women, even those that really intimidated you in the past.

This will seem really strange and out of the ordinary, it’s not, it has helped me a lot of times get rid of so many doubts and personal issues.

The last affirmation is: I love myself.

This one is not mine to say the truth; I’ve borrowed it from the great motivational coach Brian Tracey.

This one will work at getting you ride of any feeling of undeserving you have.

The rule about this one is that you repeat it to yourself whenever you are in troubles with negative self-talk, when you hear your mind calling you something’s like : I’m an idiot, I feel that I don’t deserve this great woman….

Simply keep repeating it to yourself.