Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to build self-confidence with women

In this hopefully short guide, I'll be showing you my most favorite and effective techniques and tips to build self-confidence with women.
Let's get one thing clear from the very beginning: what do women want in men?
To the surprise of many women, a lot of men think that to date a woman successfully, you must possess money, big muscles and a fat bank account.
I've written "to the surprise of many women" because I was thinking this too in the past thirty years until one woman once told me the harsh truth: women like men that are confident.
This was a surprise and a nice one indeed, because I was really thinking that it's nearly impossible for a guy like me to attract women, apparently, it's not.
To succeed with women, you must build your self-confidence; there is no other choice for you.
  • So, the first technique to build self-confidence and the most important one is: the elephant technique.
Don't try to look for this one on the internet, you will never find it!
Because apparently, very few guys will really pay attention to it and they will pay dearly for not doing so.
This technique holds its name from a question I heard a great speaker once asking an audience: how do you eat an elephant?
The whole group stared at the speaker, some said you can't other said that it's illegal and no one said the right answer.
How do you eat an elephant?
The answer is: one bite at a time.
This is the same with building self-confidence with women, you don't become highly confident from the first day, even if you have got the best techniques in the world, you will never achieve a great self confidence in a week or even a month.
This is very important, I know that you must be thinking that this is not a worthy technique; the truth is that this is the base for all the materials you are going to read here.
When you get the right mindset, nothing will be impossible for you.
This technique simply consists of planning your little "battles".
You don't go
  • Which leads me to the second technique: great wars are won not in one battle, but in many little battles.
If you return to your history books, you will certainly notice that the US didn't beat Germany in world war two in one battle, it did in little battles.
So, in this technique, you will simply look at little things to do with women to get your self-confidence rising immediately.
Let me give you an example from my own life:
Back when I heard of this technique, I wanted to meet women, get their phone number and date them in a matter of a week without being rejected.
Needless to tell you that the only thing I got from this were rejections, one after the other.
However, when I plugged this technique into my mind, I started doing this:
First day, I made up my mind to go to a club with a good friend of min.
Second day, I made up my mind to go to a club alone.
Third day, I made up my mind to say hi to a woman and not care about her answer.
Fourth day, I said hi to a woman and asked her about her drink.
Fifth day, I asked many girls about their drinks and other "easy/innocent" questions.
Sixth day, I said a funny comment to a women about her shirt.
After about three weeks, I found myself feeling highly at ease with women and totally confident.
  • This will lead me to reveal to you my third technique: the bad vibe buster.
It's true, you will get rejections, be ready for them.
I'm not saying that all women will fall madly in love with you from the first moments they saw you.
Women are strange specie, they will throw so many tests and obstacles in your way to discourage you from advancing, but once you get out of these alive, you will become the center of their universes.
This is why I really need to give you this technique, it will get rid of every bad vibe and bad thought you will encounter with women.
Let's say that a woman rejected you in front of fifty people, what are you going to do?
Most guys would look mad and even will insult her or think of just replaying back at her bad behavior.
In most cases, it's just a bad test the woman is throwing at you to see if you really are a confident man.
To show her that you are confident, use my bad vibe buster technique.
It simply consists of telling your mind that you will not answer her right away, you tell your mind:
"Ok, this woman is giving me bad behavior, I'll answer her in ten minutes, right now, I'll keep talking to her as if nothing has happened".
If you doubt this technique, try it with a friend, with a customer… you will be amazed at how efficient it is.
These are the three most important aspects you need to know about building self-confidence with women, I will post more tips related to other essential techniques like visualizations and affirmation in the coming days, but for now, you must focus on the important stuff: these three techniques.

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