Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to make a girl like you

Do you have a particular girl in mind that you like and want to hang out with??

It’s high time you start thinking about making it reciprocal!

If you don’t make her like you, she will simply find another guy to date instead of you.

This is the reason why you must know about these two tips to making a girl like you, if you ignore them, I’d be sorry for what will happen to you.

An attractive girl who doesn’t have someone in her life is probably looking.

Why did I write this sentence?

Because if you don’t manifest yourself to her and her filling her heart with you, she would jump on the first guy whom she likes.

You’d better harry.
  • The first advice to making a girl like you is to be her hero.
I know that I sound superficial now and very “out there!!” but it’s the reality.

Girls like guys who are majestic and know how strong and attractive they are.

You must become a hero to her and before you can do it, you must become a hero to yourself.

How do you become a hero?

You follow a hero’s journey, in other words, you look for adventures.

Don’t read this and think that you should hang with a gang to make her like you, not at all.

What you should be doing is filling your days and your whole life with exciting things that you like to do and that makes your heart beat.

Let me give you this example from my life:

There was this girl I really liked in high school, she was gorgeous, I’ve read in a self-help book about this advice and I started planning my days and weeks and doing sports I like and going to places I enjoy.

I would not follow her or write her love letters, I only enjoyed my life.

When I showed interest in her, she was in heaven and was my girlfriend for so many years until we got separated by work and studies…

You need to become a great person for girls to like you, start today by planning your life and filling your days with activities you like doing.

A little extra tip can be found in this amazing article:
  • The second advice to make a girl like you is to be a little rare.
This is not an advice to say the truth, it’s a technique.

Here is what a girl once told a friend: make her addicted to you by giving her a small bite of you and then disappear from her radars till she starts missing you.

Girls love to miss a guy; in fact they enjoy it a lot.

Don’t give her too much of you, appear on her radars and then vanish for a day or two until she would be thinking about you all the time.

Try to read this article too, it’s about making a girl love you simply by making her laugh, it’s in fact the best thing you can do to attract and seduce a girl.

c u ;)

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