Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ten self-confidence affirmations

Ten self-confidence affirmations to sky rocket your attraction to women

If you have been long enough in this earth, you will undoubtedly notice that women aren't truly attracted to material things a lot like money and fame, what women really like in men is self-confidence and a lot of it.
This may come as a surprise for you, it's ok.
I've been there too.
There are many techniques to build self-confidence, most of them are stupid and will never work.
However, the few techniques that you will find in this blog will give you unimaginable self-confidence levels with women.
One of my most favorite techniques is the use of affirmations.
Affirmations are phrases you repeat over and over to make your mind gain a skill or an attitude.
This little explanation means one thing: you don't have to go risk being rejected outside to gain confidence with women.
You can do it in the comfort of your own place.
A lot of people when they first hear about affirmations will think that this is some "new age hush"!
Well, they should think so because to the logical person this would really look strange: saying something and becoming it, it's like a superman movie.
Well, one need to understand this first: the mind believes what you give it.
This is a little confusing, here are more explanations: the mind will see whatever you give it as the truth and as real.
The mind is a very sophisticated calculating machine; it will process any information and store the results.
This leads me to a great study a group of scientists did: they brought three basketball teams, to the first team, they gave a ball and they asked them to train for a period of time, to the second team, they gave them nothing and asked them to relax, to the third team, they ordered them to practice in their heads for the same period of time, read this for more information on the subject รจ mental rehearsal.
When they tested the three teams, the first got a good result, the second got a bad result and to their surprise, the third team got almost the same result as the first team.
They were all in the same shape, same age group.
This will tell you how the mind can be a very powerful tool to build your self-confidence without having to go outside.
Here are the rules:
First, you need to apply these ten self-confidence affirmations two times a day, once when you wake up and the other one when you are about to sleep.
Second: you repeat these affirmations at least four times each while closing your eyes and seeing it as if it was real.
Third: you go out after four weeks of training with these affirmations while maintaining repeating them for at least three months (you can have Saturdays and Sundays as free days, let your mind rest in those days).
This is such an important thing however; most people will ignore the application of what they programmed in their minds.
Let's be honest, you will never succeed with women if you don't meet them in the first place.
You can stay in a dark room for twenty years telling your mind self-confidence affirmations and still being frightened by women.
This is a fact; you need to apply what you rehearsed.
Now, let's see the first affirmations, some are my own creations, most are from friends and coaches.
Trust me, there are thousands of them, but these are what have worked for me, if you are interested in coming with your own affirmations, I can only recommend one audio program, it's called Maximum Achievement Affirmation by Brian Tracey.
1. Number one: I'm a confident man with women
2. Number two: women like to be with me
3. Number three: I feel at ease with hot women being attracted to me
4. Number four: I am powerful ( you imagine yourself talking to an amazingly hot woman confidently while other people are looking jealously at you, she seems very attracted)
5. Number five: I am comfortable in my body ( see yourself sitting relaxed and looking perfect in your eyes, don't exaggerate, you mind isn't dumb, it will know it's a lie if you imagine yourself in a way you aren't)
6. Number six: I like my self
7. Number seven: I talk and listen to women confidently
8. Number eight: I move and walk slowly
9. Number nine: hot women are attracted to me (see yourself walking near a group of hot women , not caring about them while they all look desiringly at you)
10. Number ten: I accept the good things in my life and I forget the bad things in my life ( this one is the most important, you must see yourself only experiencing happy moments with women, never a bad one)
These are the ten most effective affirmations to skyrocket your self-confidence; the secret is in going out shortly and not relaying only on them to achieve success with women.
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