Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to say « I like you »

We've dealt in a previous post about making a girl like you, now, what about you saying it to her?

confessing your true emotions is really very difficult and can be a risky game.

Here are some nice things you can do for her that will male her know:

I’m really certain that there was one girl in your life who you really admired and like to a high degree.

You gathered all your strengths and you went to her, you told her about your emotions and you got: blown off by her, maybe you got ridiculed by her and teased, or maybe just ignored.

In your cases, you were hurt and you are probably lost now!!!

Or maybe you are with a great woman now whom you want to acknowledge your liking and true emotions about her but you feel in your heart that if you tell her such a thing, she will probably run away.

She will probably run away from you if you told her “I love you”, trust me, it’s the truth, somehow, women don’t want us men to tell them these words, they want us to tell them so though!!!!

I know, I’m very confusing, but don’t blame me, I’m only the messenger.

Women want you to tell them that you like them, they want to be sure about your emotions about them, but at the same time they will get angry and upset if you do so.

This is the reason why I’ve developed these little techniques to help guys get rid of such issues, when you apply them, women will know that you like them without ever thinking of leaving you, in fact, they will be more attracted to you.

1. Technique number one is: it’s all in the eyes.

This technique was revealed to me by a woman in the past year, she was the one that told me this saying: “your eyes will break you or make you with women, pay attention where they are going”.

I’ve memorized it and never stopped from thinking about it and applying it when I was with women.

She doesn’t mean by her saying that you shouldn’t look at women at all or that you should avoid looking at her breast at all cost, it’s another thing.

You must know that the quality of your interaction with a woman is highly determined by the way you look at her.

Let’s say that she wants to know how you feel about her, you can either tell her “I love you” while looking passionately at her and blowing every chances with her, or just look passionately at her and smile.

For a woman, she will be in heaven when you do this with her.

2. The second technique to tell her you like her is to simply laugh and tease her.

How do you make a child happy?

By buying him chocolates and a lot of gifts?

No way, you make a child happy by spending quality time with it.

It’s the same with a woman, when you meet her, make your date an event she will never forget her whole life.

Take her to new places, make her discover new things, let her enjoy herself and talk freely, don’t suffocate her with your comments and comments, simply be great with her and she will know deep down that you value her a lot , you want her and that’s the reason why you went into all these troubles.

Women aren’t that complex, they just don’t want you to be verbal with them, they want proofs not words.

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