Saturday, November 12, 2011

Don’t be an ATM

Have you ever paid something for a girl?

Of course you did, no one will escape this fucking burden.

Now that I think about this subject deeply, I got a realization:

When was the last time a girl paid for something to me?

I remember those few times very vividly and to some shity reason, I didn’t want her to do it, I think I felt like hurt and tried stopping her from paying.

Let’s think about this for a moment:

Are we in the Stone Age?

Not at all, we are all in the “civilized” age.

Now, are women weak and needing our financial support?

Not at all, a girl I was dating was making more in one month than what I was making in six!!!

So, why the hell should I pay for her?

I’m not talking about the when I’ll invite her, it would be me who should pay then, but I’m talking about those times we would be walking and she sees something and it’s me who should pay for it!!!!

Come on! It shouldn’t be me; it should be her paying for her thing and mine too.

No need to give you a long speech on this subject, the moment you become the guy that pays for everything, the sex will become conditional and she will leave you when you’ll dtop.

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