Saturday, December 31, 2011

affirmations to give you courage approaching any woman

Three affirmations to give you courage approaching any woman

How can you grow your confidence with women? have more self-esteem and feel great about yourself.

A new drug??

No way, if a pharmaceutical company could make such a drug, it would be making billions each month because everyone in the world would be taking it.

It’s not a drug? What is it then?

You’ve probably guess it already; it’s a set of affirmation I’ve used numerous times on myself that will get you all these positive results in your life.

Do you know what affirmations are in the first place?

If not, let me give you this brief little explanation:

Affirmations are little phrases you repeat to yourself to make yourself gain a new habit or belief.

This is a very brief explanation and the only one you will probably need to read.

So, how can a simple phrase repeated over and over every day get you such amazing results?

The secret lies in the word imagination.

Imagination is an amazing capability that is probably only possessed by humans; other animals don’t seem to have it.

You use your imagination every day for a multitude of things and probably to a lot of negative things like negative self-talk and worrying.

This is why you must know about these little three affirmations; they will replace your negative imaginations with something more productive and very useful to you.

Here is the first affirmation: Things work for me in life.

This one affirmation will set your mind to work towards solving your everyday problems and getting you the results.

Have you ever have had this happen to you: you were trying to think of solving a problem for a long time, with no solution, after some hours or a nap, you’ve got the solution in a flash and you are pretty astonished about its quality and effectiveness.

This is the same with this affirmation, by repeating it every day; you will get your mind working all the time to solving your most complex matters.

The second affirmation is: I am confident with women

This one is pretty self-explanatory, when you repeat this one over and over, your mind will first denies it and struggles to believe it, but when you associate this affirmation with strong imagination and emotions, after only some few weeks, you are going to see amazing results happening with women.

You will notice yourself going to women who are strangers and asking them out, you will seem unstoppable with all women, even those that really intimidated you in the past.

This will seem really strange and out of the ordinary, it’s not, it has helped me a lot of times get rid of so many doubts and personal issues.

The last affirmation is: I love myself.

This one is not mine to say the truth; I’ve borrowed it from the great motivational coach Brian Tracey.

This one will work at getting you ride of any feeling of undeserving you have.

The rule about this one is that you repeat it to yourself whenever you are in troubles with negative self-talk, when you hear your mind calling you something’s like : I’m an idiot, I feel that I don’t deserve this great woman….

Simply keep repeating it to yourself.

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  1. great stuff and great information. I've been reading your blog since a long time and I've gained lots of insights.