Friday, December 30, 2011

How to keep a conversation going strong with a woman

How to keep a conversation going strong with a woman

Do you want to attract a woman?

If yes, your only resort isn’t wearing Gucci or Armani and buying her gifts and gold, you only chance is in knowing how to keep a conversation with her and to know how to be great when you are with her.

In this post, I’ll tell you two secrets of making a conversation last as long as you want with a woman while still being very interesting and sexy.

By sexy, I mean that the overall goal is to have her attracted more towards you.

I don’t mean that you’d just talk for the sake of talking.

In all your conversations with women, you must consider them as a tool to advance with her and to keep on seducing her.

So, the first advice on keeping a conversation going is to know how to communicate with her.

Communication isn’t about wearing a tie and being exclusive to the business world.

Communication is all about seeking to understand the other part and showing that you’ve understood his or her view point.

This is the reason why you must focus on these communication skills and try to read more about them if you’ve got the time.
  • The first skill is your body language
In other words, if you don’t know how to manifest what you are talking about with your body language, you will be as nearly awkward as a deaf paralyzed person.

It’s because we only get seven percent of what’s being communicated to us in the form of words and what we consider formal language, the other ninety three percent will come from our body language.

Communication is all about knowing how to keep your body language saying what you mean.
  • The second communication skill is listening
Listening is another great skill you not only need with women, but in all parts of life.

Whenever you interact with people, you must have the ability to listen to them and to be real when talking to them.

I wrote the word real because most of the people we communicate with don’t really pay attention to what we say to them, they are merely talking to us to load us with their problems.

Be real to women and genuine by listening to them truly and understanding them fully.
  • The second advice to keep a conversation rocking with a woman is to discover and use the power of empathy.
Whenever you are dealing with people, empathy is the first prerequisite of success.

In business, empathy is the first tool to win clients and to get more sales.

For example, there is a selling technique that is based entirely on empathy and to this day, it’s unbeatable.

What’s bad about empathy is that very few people know what it means.

What does empathy means?

It means understanding where the other person come from and what are his needs and wants AND paraphrasing back to him.

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