Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ask a woman first.

Can you go from being a loser to being a winner?

What about the revers, from being a winner to being a loser?

This is the same thing that happened to a buddy of mine, he went from a total winner to a shitty loser in a matter of seconds.

How did he achieve this world record?

He made a stupid move that nearly all guys are going to make one day or another with women:

He asked her to rate him.

This is what he said to her exactly:

“How do you find me so far?”

What do you think, is it a nice thing or a bad thing to say such a thing to a woman?

If you think it’s bad, you are a thousand percent correct. If you’d think just in the back of your mind that it’s nice to say that to a woman, then you are in big troubles with the ladies.

Why it’s bad?

It’s because you will give power to the woman to decide about you.

And let me warn you about doing such a thing with women:

They don’t want to decide about you and what you really are and how you are going to treat them.

Women want you to know who you are and how valuable you are, if she starts feeling doubt in you, she will beat it and even worse, she will call all her female friends and gay friends too and tell them what a douche you were for saying that.

I am begging you, avoid saying such a bad thing to a woman.

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