Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to be the man women are looking for day and night

How to be the man women are looking for day and night

Are you fed up with all the women not liking you and making you look like an idiot anytime you go up to one of them and ask her out?

Then you really need to learn the tips and tricks in this little advice section on my blog, it will make you look so irresistible to woman and they’d be the one to like you approaching them and getting them on a date.

Here is the very first advice to become the man women are looking for: know how to move and handle yourself.

Your body language is the one thing that will get a lot of women interest in you or make them run away from you.

It’s this simple: good body language= lots of women interested, bad body language= lots of drinks on your face!

To get a great body language, you’d simply do this:

Behave as if you own the place, in other words, when you walk to a girl or a woman, don’t do it in a hesitant scary way, just go to her as if you are the owner of the place.

Talk like she is a student of yours.

This advice was given to me by a teacher, he told me that when he thought about it, he found out that he was talking to hot, great looking blonds in his classes as if they were merely decorations, but when he wanted to talk to similar looking blonds outside, he’d get freaked out!

He then thought about this and he found this little technique.

When you go to a woman, imagine that she is a student in your class, how would you talk to her, tense or relaxed, how would you smile at her? A begging smile or a confident relaxed smile?

This choice can mean your success or failure with a woman.

The next thing to become a great appealing man to women is to know how to talk and how to make them laugh.

When you talk to a woman and you have this inner confidence in you, you will know certainly that she in attracted, this will happen because of the confident way you talked to her.

This is the same way I want you to have when talking to women you want to date.

Talk to them as if you are a very confident and assured guy, know how to make them laugh, as said in lots of my writings: laughter is attractive.

You need to know how to make a woman laugh; it’s the best way to make her attracted to you.

Again, some reading materials: interesting book, and highly recommended. a nice pdf guide

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  1. to be the man women are looking for, just bring some cash and some big cheks!!! of course, i'm only kidding.