Monday, December 5, 2011

Types of women to avoid dating

Types of women to avoid dating

I was talking to an old guy the other day about women and how to be great with them and he gave me a golden advice I want to share with you today.

His advice was this:

To date a great woman, you need first to know what do you want from her!

At first I didn’t know what he was talking about, I thought that it’s something old people like to tell us about and brag of knowing and not us!

Well, I spoke more to him about it and he told me a golden rule he has followed all his life and that had helped him tremendously.

This rule is this: know the woman you want.

I’ve found much great help in applying this rule and I’ll tell you today about a different thing related to this rule, it’s know what kind of women you don’t want in your life.

I’m still learning this stuff and I’ll be frank with you here, I may have made a mistake in categorizing women, but this is my point of view, it’s personal.

Here is the very first type of women you need to stay away from:

The gold-diggers

You must have already heard of this kind of women before, I’ll give you a little description of what a gold digger is:

She wants you to always prove your value to her, by money that is

She wants gifts and stuff all the time

She would be very nice if you bought her something

She will always have no change on her, be careful, this is something all gold diggers would do over and over

She would always ask her to pay her things and even give her money

This is what a gold digger is and please, be careful!

Gold diggers will suck your energy and your powers when it comes to being with women; they are going to make you look badly at all women.

The other bad type of women to stay away from is the one that’s unstable.

Let me explain, she would be talking to you as if nothing is wrong and then she would either yell at you or maybe get mad at you!

This is what I call an unstable woman.

This type is pretty everywhere her in America.

Last time I went to a club, I think that seven out of ten women were the unstable type.

This is a huge problem mostly caused by a low father figure in a woman’s life.

My advice is to watch for these two types careful and to really think twice before embarking in an adventure with one of them, they will make your life hell.

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