Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Be the clown????

Some years ago, i was invited to a birthday party; my friend was celebrating his daughter birthday party.

They brought in a very funny clown and a lot of cakes and DRINKS.

I decided to have fun with my friends and tease my friend’s wife girlfriends, she told them we were attractive and single and they came in great number, it was there that I’ve met my wife.

Well, this story isn’t about me; it’s about a guy one of my friend’s wife girls brought with her.

He was nice and very good looking, and he was dating her.

When the clown was preparing to get into action, this dude decided to make a small show for the kids, he started asking them to sing dance and enjoy themselves, at first it was very nice and the kids appreciated it, but after ten minutes of this BS, we were fed up and looking for a drink to make time pass quickly.

He soon started dancing and becoming “fun”, he then made some kids ride him and use him as a human horse, then he started eating the cake in a funny way….

He was the clown of the evening.

I could see that his girlfriend was terribly embarrassed and her female friends were laughing historically at him.

I think that if she had a gun, she would have shot him in front of the whole crowd.

The real clown took a cigarette, started smoking and talking about his mortgage with a friend of mine who works at a bank…

It’s so stupid how stupid some people are, don’t be the clown, please!

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