Monday, January 9, 2012

A little story

I was out the other Thursday with some friends at a restaurant and this big very handsome guy come along with his apparently girlfriend.

I mean that guy was dead gorgeous!

I assure you, I’m not gay, but this dude was built like a Greek statue, tall, dark haired, muscle everywhere, white teeth, bug hands…

He was very good looking.

Even my male friends told me he was stunning.

We eat our food and had fun, meanwhile, our gorgeous friend was not so gorgeous after all, when he started talking to that woman, he said insane things laughed very hard at his stupid jokes and to add more, he spoke too much about his physique and body.

The woman was terribly pissed at him, she couldn’t look him in the eyes and kept looking at a friend of mine facing her.

My friend winked at her, she looked away and when she turned back she found him still looking, he made a sign that she was with a jackass, she smiled.

She went to the bathroom; he followed her, took her phone number and returned.

Our Greek statue was what it is a statue; he didn’t suspect a damn thing.

I told my friend that stealing another man’s wife is bad.

He said that she wasn’t his wife and she was the one to approach him when he went to the bathroom.

What the morale of this story?

I don’t know, maybe it: don’t rely on looks too much; get yourself a nice personality too.

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