Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nasty B

I’m dating a great girls these last months and to tell you the truth, I’m relay thinking that it must be her!

I don’t feel highly in love with her, I just like being around her and making out with her.

She is nice, caring, forgiving (god knows how many times I teased her and hit her on the head) and most of all, she is sincere.

I think that you all should look for these traits in women you want to date.

And I must say that the most important one is the forgiveness trait.

We guys tend to be quite upsetting and retarded in our way of dealing with people; we’ll forget stuff, say mean stuff sometimes and even criticize the wrong person, the wrong time, the wrong way…

If you are dating a nasty lady, she will punish you for everything you tell her and did to her and more importantly, she will be as hard as a frozen shit when you want to make peace with her.

I like to test women for this trait by doing this: I’d make a bogus fight with her, just a small one, and I won’t call her.

If she calls first and asks about how I am and seems quite nice and fun, I’d know she is a kind woman, however, if she calls angry and as if punishing me, I’d know I’ve stumbled upon a nasty bitch.

And if she doesn’t call at all, I’ll call her and ask her for forgiveness while crying and holding a 200$ teddy bear in my hand!

I hope you got this joke, if not, please stop reading this post and go directly to the big juicy articles and read them first, then come back here after a year or two.

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