Thursday, February 2, 2012

Imagination, the key to women

I didn’t know about this: girls are pretty naive.

I know, sounds like a loser by saying this, but I assure you, I’m not a loser with women, in fact I’m a fantastic guy with women.

I get a lot of success and I feel terribly great about this.

Well, here is what happened the other day when I was with this hot chick from a nearby campus:

We were eating pizza and some dr pepper when all of a sudden, I took a bite of my pizza and went to her mouth, she grabbed that bite as if it was covered with honey, eat it in a passionate and sexy way that gave me a b…

I was in heaven and I thank her for doing that.

Look, take risks and use your imagination.

A guy who takes risks, in other words he has a nice pair of balls, and has a great imagination will never fail with a girl.

Let’s say that I did that in a coward, asking permission, fearful, way, she probably would have laughed at my face and would never see me again.

But no, here is what I did, I grabbed a bit of my pizza, looked her right in the eyes and went to her mouth, she was a bit surprised, but she liked my confidence.

By the way, while she was grabbing the pizza bit with her mouth, her juicy lips grabbed a nice part of my fingers, as I told you; this got a nice biological reaction in me.

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