Friday, January 27, 2012

A nasty habit

I’m sure that you’ve passed thought this habit many times in your life.

No, I’m not talking about smoking or drugs; I’m talking about the habit of masturbation.

Hahah, some nasty stuff.

I’m guilty too, so, no need to laugh at this idea or worse, condemn yourself.

What I’ve found out in my adult life is this:

The most I masturbated, the more I was alone.

When I stopped for only three or five days, I’d find myself going out, approaching women and getting a lot of phone numbers!!

Masturbation will stop you from going out; this is what I’ve found over and over.

It will act as a pain killer, you would think you are horny and alone, this is a good drive to go out and meet women, however, when you masturbate, you will lose all interest on the subject, and you will only feel a psychological pain.

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