Friday, September 30, 2011

importance of Self-esteem and self-confidence

The importance of Self-esteem and self-confidence in dealing with women

Is it that important to have self-esteem and self-confidence with women?
The truth is: no, it's not that important if you want to get an average woman who will rule, lead your life and treat you like dirt!
It's only important if you want to lead a great rewarding life with women.
I know that I'm sounding really strange by saying this, but I got a lot of questions from many guys telling me that women don't really care that much about self-esteem and self-confidence, they only want a man who is strong, has muscles and money.
To all of the guys who have told me this, I'll say one thing: you my friends have found some nasty gold diggers.
They will suck your money and leave you empty while looking for a confident guy.
A woman once told me this: "she can't stay with you if she owns you".
My friend, this is the most profound thing I've heard from a woman about women and attraction.
And it's very easy to understand, if she owns you, why would she be interested in you?
The truth is she would lose her interest very quickly in you, in fact, if she is gorgeous, she will lose her interest in you while seeking the interest of a more confident guy other than you.
This is called cheating.
The best tool to prevent cheating is to never let her imagine or think that she has you.
How do you achieve this?
By having a strong self-esteem and a powerful confidence.
If she sees that you don't follow her everywhere she goes and that you aren't her little puppy, she would see you as a very unique man and needless to tell you that women are attracted to unique things.
In this world, you can't imagine the number of guys who will easily give up to a woman for a little fu** or do whatever they can for a kiss, even kill another man.
Many prisons are full of idiots who have lost everything because of a woman!
How pitiful is this and it's more pitiful when one realize that she wasn't worth it and that there are millions of other women better than her and more available.
All these have one root cause: low self-esteem and low self-confidence.
I know a guy whose girlfriend once told him that either he buys her a diamond bracelet for her birthday or she will leave him.
He looked her right in the eyes and told her calmly: do you want me to help you pack your things honey?
What do you think she did?
Yes, she stayed and never opened her mouth with such a BS.
Don't let a woman rule you and tell you how she is important in your life; it should be the other way around.
You as a REAL man are as rare as a seven thousand carats diamond, as precious as all the gold in this world to any woman.
As the self-help gurus will tell: don't sell yourself short.
Self confidence and self-esteem are won with little battles and are lost the same way.
If you give in to a woman every time, guess what, she will own you, and if you resist and more importantly, you triumph over her BS, you win her and she wins a valuable resourceful man.
It's up to you to show her how valuable you are and it's up to her to appreciate it, if she doesn't, move on to the next one and don't you waste one fuc***g second more with her.
Do what it takes to get your manhood back from women.

By the way, did you know that women would prefer two different kinds of men during one month: when she isn't menstruating, she will want a nice gentle guy, but when it's time to ovulate, she would go for aggressive macho ones, now, I know, you may be wondering what the heck is he talking about????
Well, in this one study I've read, here is the link by the way ==> Click here , they compared women's desires to that of dominance in men and they found what I was saying.

Well, go ahead and read it, it will do you much good.

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