Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Become a catch for every woman

I have long been asked a lot of questions from a lot of guys about how to make a woman love them or how to make a woman appreciate their company to a very high degree.

After giving it a lot of thoughts and considerations it hit me one day that most guys don’t want this or that, what they truly want is a way to become irresistible to women, to become a catch, a man to not miss or let go of a woman’s hand.

This is the truth for me and for a lot of guys and if this is your aim too in dating and attracting women, then let me show you the techniques I’ve used to make dozens of girls interested in me a the same time and wanting to be in relationship or just to have fun.

I changed my number in the last year over four times because I was really disturbed and I was becoming angry at all the texts and phone calls I would receive daily to either go to this party or just to meet and “chat”.

I want the same thing to happen to you, I want you to get an “over-doze” of women.

I want you to experience an abundance of women to the point where you would like to meet and find the right one and forget about the rest or whatever you wish to do, the aim is not to be at the mercy of a yes or a no from a woman.
  • The first method to become a catch to all women you meet is to know how to talk to them
Show some flesh to a man and he would lose his equilibrium and become disturbed and aroused the whole day.

Do the same to a woman and she would laugh at your face.

Women aren’t a “one button” creatures like men, they need to be communicated with, appreciated, talked to, listened to, interested in, uninterested in ….

Women are complicated and if you don’t know how to read and apply what’s written in their “manuals”, you will be lost.

There is one thing that all women crave to do with men and it’s not usually sex.

I’m talking about talking.

Women are verbal creatures.

They will not respond to you sexually or emotionally until they are aroused verbally first.

The best method to talking to women is to first seek to understand her, this can be done by using the power of creative listening xxxx and then use what she has feed into your brain, all the information about her, to draw semi-conclusion about the things she wants in her life and what she is like.

Then, you only repeat what you think each situation tells about her.

Trust me, this method may seem very boring and “intellectual” but I personally find it to be very effective and really arousing to a woman if you know how to apply it.
  • The second thing to make yourself a catch to every woman is to know how to create attraction
A lot of guys ask me about the best way to create attraction with a woman.

I always tell them that the most effective way is to apply this little formula:

Mystery+ effective communication = attraction.

You’ve already learned in this article about communication.

The mystery part is to simply not tell a woman what you intend to do in the future and to always be quite scares and busy.

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