Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To have something, you gotta be something

Sorry, I made a mistake in the title, I should have written: to have something new, you must become a new person.

I’ve just heard this one on the radio when I was coming from work and it really made me think about how I got here.

I’m now a great person, both in my eyes and other people’s eyes.

I love my self a lot and I feel great about being me.

This didn’t happen to me by being the old whinny and bitchy me.

No, this is the result of a total transformation that happened slowly but surely.

So, if you see that you are reaching nice results, try to change as a whole.

No my friend, you are not a tree rooted in solid ground.

Who said that you must always be the same?

Change whenever you feel the need to.

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  1. I think i've made too many comments to your blog, hope i'm not annoying you or something!!!