Monday, January 23, 2012

Do you take a supplement?

Do you take a supplement?

This post is all about foods and supplements to take to attract women more.

Don’t you dare think it’s science fiction, it’s a real science now.

Can you imagine that many scientists are now busy in their laboratories trying to find a magic substance or substances that would make women attracted to men easily?

It’s true, just read this article:

Dude, that’s the MIT there, not an unknown university in kirlandistan (this country does not excite, don’t Google it)!

It’s a very serious subject, and to my knowledge, there are at least four main pharmaceutical laboratories that are trying to come up with such a thing.

My question is do you take a supplement? Not if you take this kind of supplement?

So, what supplement do you take?

This is an important question because according to another finding, the look on your face can be very determining in how a woman would like you or feel attraction towards you.

Here is what I think of this: if you look yellowish and very pale, fewer women would find interest in you.

This reminds me of the Proboscis Monkey, , it’s a fascinating animal in that when it’s ill or has headache ;-), its nose will turn pale and all the sexy females around it will know that it’s got something wrong with him and guess what, it won’t get any!

I think that this is the same with us humans, whenever I am ill, I’ll see very few women looking at me or even if I’ll go talk to a woman, she would usually be very cold.

However, when I feel great and I’ve just had a great night with my girl, a lot of women will look at me in a quite desiring way.

Many friends have told me about this too and how they seem to be more interesting when they’ve just got out of the gym or when they’ve just made love to their wives!

My advice is start taking care of your body and health to really attract women, I mean biologically, because you may be a great personality, funny guy and very good hearted, but your face and biology would fail you with women.

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  1. man! your stuff is so funny and fun to read, great stamina!